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  • A new take on legal case analysis and management.

    Traditional legal case analysis software counts things and lets you “collaborate” by emailing or printing spreadsheets. But what happens when it is time to communicate your case to the decisionmaker?

    Genu is the collaborative answer to CaseMap and Case Notebook that helps you build better cases.

    Genu helps you analyze, manage, and then communicate your case to a judge, jury or opposing counsel. In Genu’s web-based environment, you review files, capture knowledge, and securely chat with colleagues and clients. Instead of producing spreadsheets, you put together compelling work product complete with images, video, and hyperlinks to the supporting evidence.

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  • Work Product - create powerful content

    Work Product

    On a single screen, make your argument and truly show why you are right with images, audio, video, and hyperlinks to evidence.

  • Document Management - store and share your case files

    Document Management

    Organize your case files with tags and efficient document review and profiling tools that make finding files easy with Genu’s global search.

  • Knowledge Management - always remember what you know

    Knowledge Management

    Contemporaneously capture knowledge, facts, or thoughts and organize them by issue with links back to their evidentiary source.

  • Case Analysis - watch your case develop in a transparent environment

    Case Analysis

    Genu’s transparent environment allows partners to analyze cases, redirect teams on-the-fly, and make better litigation decisions.

  • Collaboration


    Use social networking concepts for real-time, in-context communications on files shared with clients and colleagues.

  • Mobility - your cases available anywhere at anytime from any device


    Genu’s web-based delivery makes your cases available wherever you are – whether you are at a deposition, at a client meeting, or in court.

  • Scalability


    No IT infrastructure is required to scale up or down. US-based customer service and 24/7 access to online support resources make sure your firm runs smoothly.

  • Security


    Enjoy the benefits of state-of-the-art security. Multilayered firewalls, SSL encryption, and unified threat management systems protect your data.

  • Conquer the facts with Genu!

    Genu instantly improves your firm’s visibility and mobility by making all of your cases available wherever you have an internet connection.

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    “Genu provides a platform to easily sort issues and evidence. This provides a case map that lends itself to efficient trial preparation. Genu is a benefit for solo practitioners and large firms alike.”

    - Candace M. Van den Bosch

    “Having all my documents, evidence and witness interviews right at my fingertips makes the litigation process much faster, easier, and more efficient. As I put together my work product in Genu, I’m able to link all of the relevant material so that I know I’m making my strongest case.”

    - Sean P. Keefe